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  1. Pros - Great player ESP and item ESP, works as it should, very small delay sometimes but its barely noticeable. - Haven't used the aimbot since I do not want to get banned, so don't know about it. - Radar seems alright. - Cool that you can customize ESP colors completely. Cons - Crashes rather often (big con, especially since you cant reconnect to warzone) - Settings don't save - License key doesn't save - Having to many things enabled seem to cause crashes and issues Rating: 2/5 The license and settings not saving is a fairly annoying issue since the game crashes so often. And yeah the game crashes so often which is just a complete pain. The actual functions themselves seem to work great, but its just not enough with that many issues.
  2. Rather simple suggestion. Add an option to save the license key so you don't have to insert it every time.
  3. Marc

    CoD Warzone HC

    Ty for the review, has been considering to buy it myself.
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