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  1. In This Guide i will explain the best way to run the EFT client. Ive been using over 2 months without a ban! I will give you step by step details on how i run everything. I use NINJAA'S Spoofer as well as a Vpn as i use a CIS account I also run my game through steam. Login to steam top left click on games add non steam game to library select BSG by clicking the box and then add Lets get started 1. From fresh reboot run the loader inject 2. Run the spoofer 3. Turn on vpn {i use Windscribe} its like 3 dollars on plati 4. Login to steam click big picture mode got to library select BSG and launch 5. i dont not save my login in the BSG launcher my email is there but i have to enter password each time. as soon as you are logged in and you see the play button turn the VPN off then hit play If you were banned previously be sure to run the Revo uinistaller to remove traces before making a new account if anyone would like to use my config just ask ill be happy to send! Discord TheDonger#2163 if you have any questions
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