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  1. Hello, Sorry to hear that Open A support ticket using Forum Discord https://discord.gg/SPKtdMNMzP
  2. Hey rj d, Sorry to say our public discord got banned new server https://discord.com/invite/ABNcaMZFgf
  3. Yes sure will do that. Thanks for the suggestion
  4. We are working on new features, yes that that hard to add one will definitely look into it Apricate your suggestions
  5. No its not a public IMGUI This is something will like to fix, on to do list
  6. We just completely reworked on a new framework, may be in future yes there is aim prediction
  7. 1. Soon 2. Soon 3. Working on it now 4. Working on it now 5. Because its fullscreen must play fullborderless 6. not planned
  8. Hi, Downfall Thanks for the SUGESTIONS will look into this and will try to add new features fix remaining bugs asap. Best Regards Ninjaa
  9. Not a stand alone spoofer, Only for users who will buy the cheat
  10. NINJAA


    It is back up now
  11. No, sorry it doesn't comes with Spoofer
  12. NINJAA


    This is resolved yes ?
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