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  5. Rust


    •  External (Good Performance / Safe)
    • Supports Intel & AMD
    • Supported OS: Windows 10 2004 (x64), Windows 10 20H1(x64), Windows 10 20H2 (x64)
    • Stream-Proof capable of Twitch and other Live Streaming Platforms 


    • Bone( Head, Neck, Pelvis)
    • Aim Prediction 
    • Visibility check 
    • Customizable Smooth 
    •  Customizable FOV Size - Fov Circle 
    •  Anti Aim 
    • Aim hotkey (Can set Any)
    • Silent Aimbot 

    Player ESP 

    • Name 
    • Skeleton (Color Customizable)
    • Distance 
    • Health 
    • Box (2D, Cornered)
    • Visibility Check 
    • Show Friendlies 
    • Show Only Visible 
    • Show Sleepers

    Item Esp

    • Collectables (Hemp, Mushroon, Pumpkin, Corn)
    • Pickups (Wood, Stone, Metal, Sulfur)
    • Ores (Metal Ore, Stone Ore, Sulfur Ore)
    • Create (Tool Create, Normal Create, Military Create, Elite Create, Barrel)
    • Traps (Snap Trap, Shotgun Trap, Auto Turret, Flame Turret, Landmine, Sam Site, Wooden Spike)
    • Animals (Bear, Wolf, Boar, Stag, Horse)
    • Others (Storage Box, Airdrop, Bradley, Helicopter, Tool Cupboard, Heli, Bradley, Chinook)


    • Bright Cave 
    • Bright Nights 
    • Time Modifier 


    • No Recoil 
    • No Sway 
    • No spread 
    • Instant Eoka 
    • instant Bow 
    • Force Automictic (weapons)
    • Spiderman  


    • Hotkey (Set to Any)
    • Hide NPC's
    • Hide Player Info 
    • Hide Items 


    • Save 
    • Load




    120.00 EUR

  6. Hello, Sorry to hear that Open A support ticket using Forum Discord https://discord.gg/SPKtdMNMzP
  7. Features

    • EFTERNAL (very good performance)
    • Supports Intel & AMD
    • Supported OS: Windows 10 2004 (x64), Windows 10 20H2 (x64)
    • Stream-proof capable for Twitch & other Live Streaming Platforms


    • Highly configurable!
    • Team/friendly check
    • Humanized smoothing
    • Lock target
    • FOV Slider


    • Highly configurable!
    • Team/friendly check
    • Death check
    • Bones
    • Distance
    • Active weapon
    • Individual bone health


    • Corpses
    • Extracts
    • Price slider
    • Quest items
    • Value of items


    • No recoil
    • No spread
    • No sway
    • Unlimited stamina
    • Night vision
    • Thermal vision
    • Speedhack
    • No visor
    • Shoot through walls

    120.00 EUR

  8. I still haven't gotten any support on my issue as well.
  9. Looks like that link doesnt work.
  10. Hey rj d, Sorry to say our public discord got banned new server https://discord.com/invite/ABNcaMZFgf
  11. I've been trying to get support on a purchase on with HC via the support on the site, email, and discord(which i'm no longer in). I got a response from a mod on discord but never heard back even after a follow up. Curious what the deal is and whether or not I got kicked from Discord, or if it went down(cant join it again). Although I'm patient and haven't been spamming anyone's inbox, it's been almost a week and like to either get the product or refunded.
  12. In This Guide i will explain the best way to run the EFT client. Ive been using over 2 months without a ban! I will give you step by step details on how i run everything. I use NINJAA'S Spoofer as well as a Vpn as i use a CIS account I also run my game through steam. Login to steam top left click on games add non steam game to library select BSG by clicking the box and then add Lets get started 1. From fresh reboot run the loader inject 2. Run the spoofer 3. Turn on vpn {i use Windscribe} its like 3 dollars on plati 4. Login to steam click big picture mode got to library select BSG and launch 5. i dont not save my login in the BSG launcher my email is there but i have to enter password each time. as soon as you are logged in and you see the play button turn the VPN off then hit play If you were banned previously be sure to run the Revo uinistaller to remove traces before making a new account if anyone would like to use my config just ask ill be happy to send! Discord TheDonger#2163 if you have any questions
  13. Pros - Great player ESP and item ESP, works as it should, very small delay sometimes but its barely noticeable. - Haven't used the aimbot since I do not want to get banned, so don't know about it. - Radar seems alright. - Cool that you can customize ESP colors completely. Cons - Crashes rather often (big con, especially since you cant reconnect to warzone) - Settings don't save - License key doesn't save - Having to many things enabled seem to cause crashes and issues Rating: 2/5 The license and settings not saving is a fairly annoying issue since the game crashes so often. And yeah the game crashes so often which is just a complete pain. The actual functions themselves seem to work great, but its just not enough with that many issues.
  14. Yes sure will do that. Thanks for the suggestion
  15. Rather simple suggestion. Add an option to save the license key so you don't have to insert it every time.
  16. Marc

    CoD Warzone HC

    Ty for the review, has been considering to buy it myself.
  17. Today I purchased the CoD Warzone HC internal hack. I’ve only used it for a few hours tonight before bed but it is extremely awesome! Easy to use and gets the job done! it has options to make everyone happy where you can smooth your aim to seem more legit or hard lock on aimbot as you’d like. There quite a few options for ESP types so you can choose the one that looks nicest to you. And my favorite thing about the menu is the item ESP! You can toggle it for specific categories such as money/plates/boxes/weapons. Easily 9/10
  18. Apex


    • External (very good performance)
    • Stream proof! (cheat visuals will not be visible in OBS or other screen recording software!)
    • Supports Intel & AMD
    • Supports Windows 10 1903 (x64), Windows 10 1909 (x64), Windows 10 2004 (x64)


    • Anti-Screenshot 
    • Toggle Hotkeys
    • 2D Radar

    Player ESP

    • Visibility check
    • Health
    • Distance
    • 2D Box


    • AIM BONE
    • Bone swap key
    • Aim visibility check
    • Smooth 
    • Fov
    • Prediction 

    Item ESP 

    • Customizable 




    80.00 EUR

  19. We are working on new features, yes that that hard to add one will definitely look into it Apricate your suggestions
  20. public or not doesnt mater you guys alr have sliders for distance ect... thoes return a value just use that for font-size in game for player-item names not a big deal tho thanks for your answers
  21. No its not a public IMGUI This is something will like to fix, on to do list
  22. isnt the menu imgui? random question i forgot but what do you plan to do about the ESP & aimbot turning off when they get too close to you
  23. We just completely reworked on a new framework, may be in future yes there is aim prediction
  24. what about aim-prediction? will that ever come.
  25. why not the last one? it would be the most basic of all
  26. 1. Soon 2. Soon 3. Working on it now 4. Working on it now 5. Because its fullscreen must play fullborderless 6. not planned
  27. Hi, Downfall Thanks for the SUGESTIONS will look into this and will try to add new features fix remaining bugs asap. Best Regards Ninjaa
  28. these are all really simple things to add that would help a lot
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